inBetween Interdisciplinary Festival focuses on the dissemination of electroacoustic musical research and the fostering of a spirit of intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration with dance, performance and experimental video art. Experimental and interdisciplinary expressions of sound, image, movement and body will create a meeting point, reflecting the diversity of each country but also seeking new spaces and opportunities for dialogue, where new ideas can emerge and develop.


The festival explores new ideas in the fields of sound, video, performance and contemporary dance through the lens of a triangular relationship between countries of the center and countries of the periphery at their intersection in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the same time, the Festival intends to provoke a creative conversation between artists and the public about intercultural coexistence and engagement, exploring new ways of interconnection and communication.

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We aim primarily to artists from Argentina, Turkey, France and Greece – without excluding other entries from different countries, whose works focus on investigating new ideas and consider risk as an inherent aspect of their work.

InBetween is particularly interested of projects focusing at the fields of:

Electroacoustic Music 



Contemporary Dance

inBetween Interdisciplinary Festival is co-organized by the Department of Music Studies of Aristotle University  and MoMus - Experimental Center for the Arts, Thessaloniki, Greece.


important announcement

At the moment we are working on rescheduling the festival and will communicate the new dates in due course, when evidence is provided by the scientific community confirming that we can continue with safety due to Convid-19 pandemic incident. The Call for Works will remain OPEN until further notice. We would like to encourage you to keep submitting your proposals and be in touch with us.

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  1. The artworks we are looking for belong to one of the four categories (electroacoustic music, video, performance, contemporary dance) or they are hybrids between two or more of them.

  2. The call is open to any artists from Argentina, Turkey, France and Greece or artists who are active in these countries. Other than that there is no limitation as to who can apply. 

  3. Selected artists are strongly encouraged to be present at the festival (not mandatory). The festival cannot cover the travel and accommodation costs.

  4. There is NO REGISTRATION FEE or other fees after the selection.



Category A - Electroacoustic music. Up to 4-channels (fixed media, mixed media, works with prepared video or other elements, such as real-time coding, laptop improvisation, and any hybridization with performance and contemporary dance). Maximum duration: 10 min.  


Category B - Video art. We are looking for experimental audiovisual content or audiovisual installations. Maximum duration: 10 min. 


Category C - Performance. No any specific requirements.

Category D - Contemporary Dance. No any specific requirements.

If your work does not fit into any of the above categories, please choose a category anyway or contact us.



All proposals will be submitted only through the online application form


Please, gather all submission material into a single shared folder (Categories A and B) or a shared pdf file (Categories C and D). Name the shared folder or pdf file using the following format: YourName_Title and store it online on a file hosting service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or anything similar. Share with us the link to your shared folder or pdf file. 






Submissions must include


Category A - Electroacoustic Music. Submit a permanent link  (dropbox/google drive, etc) of a single folder containing:1. audio file (wav), 2. short cv (doc/docx), 3. tech rider (pdf)

Category B - Video Art. Submit a permanent link (dropbox/google drive, etc) of a single folder containing: 1. video file (avi), 2. short cv (pdf), 3. tech rider (pdf)

Category C - Performance. Submit a permanent link (dropbox/google drive, etc) of a single pdf file containing:1. A full description of the (art)work (300 words) 2. short cv, 3. links to samples of previous works containing some visual samples (e.g. links to photos, videos), 4. Tech rider.  

Category D - Contemporary Dance. Submit a permanent link (dropbox/google drive, etc) of a single pdf file containing:1. A full description of the (art)work (300 words), 2. short cv, 3. links to samples of previous works containing some visual samples (eg. links to photos, videos), 4. Tech rider.


The MOMus - Experimental Center for the Arts (formerly: Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art, an independent branch of MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art) supports contemporary experimental artistic innovations, supports the osmosis and synthesis of arts and interdisciplinary-hybrid relations, keeps abreast of new trends, supports young artists, conducts open invitations, participates in exchange networks, bolsters the mobility of artists and curators through its residency program, and undertakes actions premised on contemporary art interventions in public space.

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Home of the fuzzy mind and the experimentally inclined psyche. Performing arts venue, contemporary dance and live music stage, audiovisual studio.

Since 2015 it offers a curated programme of performances, concerts, workshops, and screenings, with emphasis on non-commercial events. Its stage is suitable for works that seek careful observation and listening, as well as atmosphere.


Events hosted at Vitruvian Thing include the Unit Motives solo choreography and contemporary music festival, the TCI international dance film festival, as well as the Stream series of improvisation meetings with contemporary dance, live music, and interactive technology. Its is managed by Die Wolke art group.


Dimitri Papageorgiou, founder, composer and associate professor of composition – Department of Music Studies, Aristotle University

Eirini Papakonstantinou, art historian – MOMus curator

in cooperation with The Vitruvian Thing

Dani Joss, technical director - founder 

Drosia Triantaki, choreographer - founder



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