off borders 2018

This indisciplinary festival investigates new ideas in the field of sound, visual and performance art. Off borders festival, intends to provoke conversations into the intercultural coexistence among the dipole artists & audience.

Wondering where the periphery starts and where the center, strong proponent of DIY culture (do it yourself), we aspire to create another node in the world DIY network and develop communication channels having intercultural exchange as their main goal.  

Our goal is the integration of the periphery into within the internationalization process of contemporary art. Sounds, Pictures and Movements create a meeting point in Greece, disseminating frequencies across Europe and nearby countries.

bridging the gap


The off borders Festival 2018 wants to establish itself as an out of bounds 2-day event at the city of Thessaloniki. This year we aim primarily to young artists from Iran, Germany and Greece, whose works focus on investigating new ideas, consider risk as an inherent aspect of their work. Unlike other festivals, off borders is particularly interested of participants-driven projects focusing at the fields of:


Electroacoustic Music

Video Art

Performing Arts

 21/22 of April 2018, Thessaloniki 

The Venue                                       

We aim to give to both artists and audience the opportunity to experience the spatial diversity of the events, by organizing them to different places at the same time. Our target is to show off a colorful palette of artistic expression without geographical borders.


video teaser.

the spaces.




A4M is a non-profit professional, experimental theatre company. A4M’s mission is to create as well as present experimental works that challenge the structure and presentation of performance while strengthening cultural and artistic growth. It’s goal is to create performance works that test and break the boundaries of theatre, dance, music, and text; to experiment with form while staying accessible; to develop a physical, theatrical performance technique that draws from many different performance traditions.
A4M is committed to promote, develop support, and present new and original performance work by artists from different cultural background.



The Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki is an independent part of the State Museum of Contemporary Art.

It supports all forms and kinds of innovative artistic activity. It does not function merely as an intermediary along the linear progression of artist – work of art – public, but serves as an active enabler, facilitating and encouraging communication between the artist and the public.

The central philosophy behind the planning of our exhibitions reflects a desire to expand the range of systems of arts education, to present themed exhibitions which will reflect the spirit of the time, along with special tributes to established artists.

organization committee.

Dimitri Papageorgiou, composer/faculty AUTH

Athina Dragkou, director/A4M

Dimitris Papadopoulos, performer,composer/A4M

In collaboration with:

Eirini Papakonstantinou, art historian/curator SMCA

Joachim Heintz, composer/director of FMSBW electronic studio

Mehdi Jalali, composer,conductor/director of Yarava Music group

Marily Ventouri, production coordinator 



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